Four 27s gathered in Tribunj training base few days before the race, for training, weather briefing and security checks. Seascape 27 class was officially invited to join the race, so this time it was for real.  Disturbing 40kt of SE wind forecasted few days before the race was taming down to more relaxing 25 as the race day was approaching. Weather situation was monitored by Jure Jerman, who was also in charge of meteo briefings. At the same time, Sime Stipanicev made sure all the logistics went smoothly and being a newly certified RYA instructor, he also took over the security checks.

Start took place in light NE wind – downwind – and for small 27s the trick was to get to clear air as soon as possible. GER4 came out of the blocks the fastest, following closely by GER12. CZE6 and SLO2 got caught in a traffic, but were quickly fighting their way trough the fleet. After rounding Komorica, boats entered the transition zone between NE and SE, which was marked with windless potholes. Some race favourites, like Volvo60 Big One, old Open60 Austria One and AkilariaRC2 Ola, got stuck, which opened up the game on the return leg.

Seascapes were turning Jabuka about mid fleet, but close to the leaders. GER12 rounded first, just minutes ahead of GER4. CZE6 and SLO2 were also locked together, not far behind. Wind started to pick up shortly after the rounding, which resulted in fantastic run with the wind at about 130 TWA (true wind angle) and 20kt TWS (True wind speed). Seascapes were averaging 13-14kt, under full mainsail and fractional kite, only few 100m from each other. Sailboat racing doesn’t get much better than that.

Approaching Blitvenica lighthouse wind started to back to NE and soon all of the boats were tacking upwind. At that time Seascapes were holding 2nd and 3rd place overall with AkilariaRC2 being the only boat able to catch up on them on the downwind run. As for the whole race the two pairs: GER4 and GER12 in the front and CZE6 and SLO2 closely behind, were caught in head to head duels. GER4 was succeeding to defend her tiny lead from GER12, which was slowly closing in. It all came down to the last split just a mile to the finish. For a while it appeared that GER12 found a better side of a split and that it will cross ahead, but GER4 ended up squeezing ahead for less than a boat length effectively closing the deal.

GER4 so finished 1st, just 27 seconds ahead of GER12. Another battle was going on between CZE6 and SLO2, where at the end Czech crew defended her lead for just over a minute.

The following day was as perfect as they come in November – sunshine, warm, almost felt like having a cold beer and not a warm tea.

The ground work was now laid down and it was exciting to think what might happen in 2014.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42qinHdePeQ&w=870&h=500]


2013 Results:

GER4 – Hoppetosse
Luka Baebler (SLO)
Dylan Tidd (SLO)
Lena Koter (SLO)
Maja Jeromel (SLO)
Jure Jerman (SLO)
1st out of 4 in Seascape class and 15th overall out of 60 boats with time 13:55:27 (Current Race Record)
Average speed on the rhumb line: 6.464kt

GER12 – Wilde Perle
Karlheinz Muler (GER)
Martin Lindner (GER)
Ebenhart (GER)
Andraz Mihelin (SLO)
Marina Horvat (CRO)
2nd out of 4 in Seascape class and 16th overall out of 60 boats with time 13:55:54
Average speed on the rhumb line: 6.460kt

CZE6 – Emotion
Petr Sladecek (CZE)
Vojta Sladecek (CZE)
Roman Knizek (CZE)
Petr Stejskal (CZE)
Tit Plevnik (SLO)
3rd out of 4 in Seascape class and 25th overall out of 60 boats with time 14:22:25
Average speed on the rhumb line: 6.25kt

SLO2 – Seascape27
Jon Brecelj (SLO)
Per Cederberg (DEN)
Uros Kumer (SLO)
Luka Hus (SLO)
Vladislav Ptasnik (CZE)
4th out of 4 in Seascape class and 26th overall out of 60 boats with time 14:23:40
Average speed on the rhumb line: 6.26kt