Small and fast

It was a slow regatta, with light wind all the way back to Vodice, but Seascapes were among the fastest, finishing in the company of boats twice the size. Not all of them though, some decided it would take them too long to sail all the way to the end. Some had planes to catch, some have to save lives on Monday, and pretty much everyone didn’t want to miss the opening hours of the bar. In the end, they all deserved the gin&tonic they were dreaming about since the sun went down for the second time in the race. We don’t have the official overall results yet. The Seascape finishers in came over the finish in the following order:

1st – Wilde Perle
2nd – Petit Amie
3rd – Emotion
4th – Canopus GER70
5th – Canopus 1 AUT80
6th – Seascape AUT58

The half-time results are also impressive. Three Seascapes were there among the first 15 boats out of 106 to round Jabuka; Wilde Perle on 8th place, Emotion on 12th and Canopus on 15th.