Mysterious seas

Did the fleet just sail out of the signal range or is the paranormal activity around Jabuka not only a myth? We lost the tracker data, and can’t follow the exact positions of the sailboats anymore. But one information did come through, we just talked to Andraž, and he reports tricky conditions throughout the whole night. Light breezes make crews busy with constant sail changes to squeeze out that last bit of a boat speed. Those who sailed deeper south gained some distance from the rest when they caught Jugo.  At the moment they have 9 miles to Jabuka and estimate it will take them 1,5 to 2 hours to reach it. Again it has turned out that where there are pain and frustration there can also be an immense beauty to compensate. They sailed into one of the most stunning sunrises that they ever saw, reports Andraž and the picture from Jure below proves it.  Meanwhile, we just received an update from our friend and a go-to local guy Šime. He is sailing on Class40 Ola; they just reached the black rock that is Jabuka. The wind and with it the boat speed seem to be picking up out there, good news for the rest of the fleet.