Light start

When night fell, everyone in the Seascape fleet picked up the pace after a lazy afternoon with no wind. The skippers meeting and announcement of the start was closing, so the last small things had to be sorted ASAP. Team Petit Amie was waiting for the latest crewmember addition and not just anyone. Ivica Kostelić who is beside of being an awesome alpine ski racer also a passionate sailor. Lately, he has dedicated a lot of his time to train long-distance and shorthanded sailing. He recognised the challenge of Jabuka race as something that should be conquered and what better way to do it than on a Seascape. The sailboats one by one started to depart for Vodice, official skippers meeting and start. One crew, unfortunately, didn’t make it because they cut the corner a bit early and grounded the boat. They were quickly rescued and sustained only minor damage to the boat, but still decided to stay behind and sit this Jabuka out. They plan to check rudders and keel in more detail in the morning. But all the rest Seascapers joined more than 100 other sailboats in front of Vodice. They started at 21:00 sharp, but it wasn’t the fastest of intros that this race has seen even though it was a downwind one. The wind was very light and demanded a lot of tactics to get ahead.  The battle through the canal between islands Tijat and Prvić was very successful and after rounding Komorica Seascapes are currently holding places right after eight. Considering that these are the smallest boats here (except for one Mini), it is quite a feat by the sailors. We will be checking the tracker first thing in the morning to see if they managed to keep this positions.