Into the second night

Since the boats came back into the range of the mobile signal, we received so many reports and tried to tweet all of them. Twitter’s algorithm decided that was too much and started filtering all our tweets. In the gallery below you can find some of the posts you missed.

Meanwhile, team Wilde Perle is pushing hard sailing on 9th place overall. Close behind the Petit Amie is battling with Emotion for the second place. Following them is Emotion. The rest of Seascapes are either motoring or at least considering it. Jure on Ashika is still on his gin&tonic mission but decided there is no way they are going to make it with sails alone (maybe there is an additional reason – Philipp and Lukas have a plane to catch). Hammerscape with a similar “problem” also decided to abandon the race.

We are waiting for them with the rib ready.