Back on track!

Yes, we have the first two finishers (Molo Longo – JK Tijat and  Clean Sport One), but more importantly for us, the first Seascapes are coming back in range of the tracker and mobile signal. We came in contact with the team on Petit Amie again who is at the moment 14 miles away from Blitvenica. They have just passed one of the other Seascapes; they guess it was Ashika and are now sailing towards another windless zone in second place. First of the Seascapes is Wilde Perle. They are all doing between 2-3 knots.

AUT58 also sent a message that they are on the way back 8 miles from Jabuka sailing at the snail pace. Jure from team Ashika is not in the best mood, not so much because they were overtaken but because they realised that their plan for a nice gin and tonic in the evening has gone out of the window.

As far as we can see our fleet is doing great, still holding places under 10 overall in the company of other seriously larger boats.